Cristina is an enthusiastic aerospace engineer passionate about all areas of aerospace design. She possesses natural leadership qualities and is an effective relationship builder with strong team-working and problem-solving skills, always trying to create a positive team environment.

Cristina has been enrolled in several projects during her academic career. During her MSc, her group project and thesis were related to the Augmented Reality technology applied to Aircraft Maintenance. Currently she works as an Aerospace Design engineer at Caeli Nova. Her day-to-day tasks consist of finding creative solutions in the mechanical engineering field, and transforming these ideas into real products. This includes customer requirements, structural integrity, material properties and manufacturing processes.

During her career she has gained essential skills such as how to work with different people and how to promote teamwork. She is passionate about facing engineering challenges with proactivity and initiative, always ready to share new ideas. In her spare time, Cristina likes playing volleyball and traveling around the world.